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If you really must feel self-pity, pity your younger self, who didn’t know what lay ahead.

This friend asks me, don’t you ever wonder what your future husband is doing right now? And I go, why? He’s not doing it with me,right?

Not all travelers are deep and spiritual. They just have more time and less responsibilities.

God does indeed play dirty- If he didn’t then I would win.

I never say anything I don’t mean. I call this the lack of social skills. Most people call it honesty.

If you have the healing touch, do not touch everyone.

A lot of love stories are about two simple facts : 1. Who chased whom and 2. Who dumped whom

A good critic will only focus on the fault- not the incapability.

In times of trouble, it is not nerve that fails you. It is people.

[Me : (Observing) If all our generation does is fight, we’ll never learn how to make peace.

Friend : Or make love even

Me : No, THAT’s not a problem]

Self-doubt can be the difference between success and failure. So no matter what you do in this life, keep telling yourself “You’re doing great”.

Man turns to God when his brothers refuse to help him. If you doubt God, you should start doubting humanity too.

You can only prove your smartness if the other person is smart enough to recognize it.

Don’t worry when failure makes you think success is elusive. Start worrying when failure makes you think hard work is pointless.

We all want beautiful people to make up to us for their looks. Do we ever make up for envying them?

[ Me : I’ll read this book just a little more.

Conscious : You’re delaying exam prep. Wimp. Procrastinator.

Me : Okay okay! I’m going! Happy now? God!

God : What are you yelling at me for? ]

Follow your hormones and not your heart. The hormones can understand “I don’t feel it anymore”, the heart cannot.

I behave morally, because every time I talk to someone friend or foe, I think, How would my mother feel if she heard me say that?

The only difference between an atheist and an asshole is : An atheist will say ” I don’t believe in God”, an asshole will say “There is no God”.

The saddest people are those who’ve never moved on from their school years.

Fight it out. We pick our own battles. Even if you don’t get to pick, fight it out anyway.

A tarot reader asked me, what should I do when I look into the future and see something bad? And I said, Stop looking.

No boyfriend in the world can make up for a good male best friend. Sadly, all my male friends disagree.

The only problem with managing problems well, is that nobody is ready to believe you had a problem to begin with.

They say the child in you goes off to sleep when you suffer too much. I think mine just woke up.

No one in this world is dumb. Most pretend to be, I don’t know why.

Every girl is a story. She has a beginning, an end, a turning point, a battle, a hero, a villain and a moral.

There’s no such thing as Evil, said Evil itself.

Sometimes the wisest of us, forget to save a little wisdom for ourselves.

Clocks never tell me the time. They just tell me to wait.

Some people have a lot of things to do. But they are not you.

Your struggles are always as unique as you are.

Pray that others may live in peace so that they let you live peacefully.

The only god worth believing is the one who believes in you.

In the ideal partnership with God- he would suffer and you would learn

Just because you never do wrong doesn’t mean you won’t be punished for always doing right!


The past isn’t meant to regret things which went wrong- it’s there to realize what could have been worse

Find within yourself….. the ability to tolerate lies…. and then you’ll find the truth

Do NOT mistake Death for a Pain Killer

dreams are clear…… life is vague

when times start changing… you’re the last person to change along with them

you can’t truly know a person until you know their life

The greater the hurt of of past incidents, the better the instincts for the future ones

If  a Crocodile is after you…. run in zig zag lines… if a Lion is after you…. climb up a tree… if a Bear is after you… play dead… and if MEN are after you…. STOP RUNNING… turn around and aim your kick between the legs!

Sometimes you speak up for others….. Other times you wish someone would speak up for you

Competition is not fair until your opponent is aware of it

Things are seldom what they seem… and often what we want to see them like

God is the true Therapist. He only listens!

Only three things matter: Life, Death, And the War between both

People can sympathize with your sorrows……it’s your joys they’re unable to tolerate

You miss a person even more if you know they don’t miss you

I’d rather be told I’m mental than be told I’m wrong

Love can teach you how to love not whom to love

Some friends should be taken out for shopping- some to movie halls- some cute ones on dates- others to your home- and there are some who just have to be given the wrong address

Sometimes the punishment in life is not the inability to do great things… but the incompetence to appreciate what we have done

The absence of a bad surprise is always a good surprise

We underestimate the significance of “clarity” in life…….. ask someone who sees it blurry all the time

Don’t speak of the dead. They can’t hear you anymore

I go by the theory of …..”Do Not Fire Until Fired Upon”- Top Gun

God is here to preserve sanity… not religion.

Lust is strange. It makes us part human and part devil


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  1. mrinalini says:

    i find it true ..da war bit btween life and death.and the one about god being der for sanity…dat sanity is wat one is luking 4 between life and death..:-(

  2. May I simply just say what a relief to uncover someone that truly understands what they are discussing on the net. You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people need to look at this and understand this side of your story. I can’t believe you are not more popular since you most certainly possess the gift.

  3. joseasanoj says:

    Good Posts..
    Sanoj Jose (Author, My Day Out With An Angel)

    1. Abby says:

      Thanks man 🙂

  4. Ragini Rajbhor says:

    Fuuny zz!! ;-D

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