Good Boy

[This letter was written by a friend and I couldn’t find a way to preface it, probably because I was so overwhelmed by who she addressed it to. So forgive me for just prefacing this week’s letter with my favourite quote]

Heaven must go by favour and not by merit. If it went by merit, you’d stay out and your dog would go in

mark twain

My Tyson,

I know you were old but you’ll always be my little furry baby boy. Even when you were getting old, when you struggled more as you walked, and every time it was obvious what was happening, I saw you as my little baby who would never go away.

I remember when we first got you and I was so surprised to get a puppy. I could have never guessed how you’d change my life.

I remember getting to know you, loving you right away, never even imagining there would be a day that you wouldn’t be there anymore. I remember eight years of walks, passing you the sweetmeats Mum made at home, and how you nudged your way into the hearts of every . You grew up during my college years, gave me wet kisses when I cleared my first job interview, and I looked forward to seeing you at the front door when I got back from work. I remember coming home one day, asking Mum where you were, and how she told me you were gone.

When I was sad I would hug you to feel better, but these days when I’m sad I suddenly realise you’re gone and I can’t hug you anymore, which makes me cry. There are so many things that remind me of you and so many things that make me think of the times you’ve made me laugh.

All over the world dogs are beloved and cherished and mourned because they’re so happy all the time. Your love was unconditional, and I am proud to say I didn’t own you; you owned me. You may not have been special or famous or popular, you may not have had an Instagram handle all to yourself, but you were and still are, special to me and our family.

I miss you everyday and think about you all the time. I am sure you already know this, but I just wanted to tell you that I think we may have gotten you back. His name is Leo. Though he isn’t as calm as you used to be, but he is all that you wanted to be when you were a pup. Could it be you, Tyson?

I live with you every moment through him. Thank you for finding your way back to me.

I love you baby and I’ll never forget you.

Kisses and Treats

Your Hooman

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