Little Brother

[This letter is dedicated to the special bond between brothers and sisters on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Today, a friend of mine, an event planner writes a letter of gratitude to her younger brother, who she lost in a tragic accident when he was 16. She continues to rely on her family and friends to cope with the loss. Although she is still grieving, she has come a long way in her healing. She has the utmost faith that this letter will find its way to her brother. Also, you’ll notice this is the only letter in the series with an address.]

To Heaven

Hey Little Brother,

I’m sure you’re driving everyone nuts up there; it’s always such a riot having you around. I know you man, I know how infectious your energy is. How powerful your vibes are.

It’s hard not having you around, I won’t lie. To not see that mischievous look in your eyes anymore and get those warm hugs. It’s hard not to see you grow into the wonderful man I always knew you’d become.

It’s hard, but what makes it easier is how perfectly preserved you are in my memory. I can still hear the echo of you reverberating across my life. I remember the conversations we shared and the lessons I learnt from you, because you taught me so much in so little time.

You left me with so much to cherish, to love and to adore. Losing you has devastated me, but I’ve learnt how to be a better person. I’ve learnt that our time on earth is precious, fleeting and ineffable. You taught me how to live every moment fully, to forgive and forget, to be grateful, to be kind and gracious and to appreciate every little thing from the flowers that bloom outside my window to the music that I listen to endlessly. You don’t know which moment might be your last.

You made me realise that life is a gift and we cannot waste it. I try to live every day to the fullest, so that I can make it meaningful, I can make it matter and I can make it count.

I can’t thank you enough for this wisdom but it doesn’t make it any better to go through life without you by my side. I’m still so mad, and when I get up there, I’m going to give you hell for leaving your big sister. This is not over, this is not the end.

We will meet again.

Love always,

Your Di

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