Top 5 toolkits for Activists

1. Gender Equality: If you’re concerned about the rise in crimes against women globally and would like to start with something simple in your community, the United Nations He For She Campaign has designed a barbershop toolbox to do workshops on gender equality. These sessions can raise awareness about gender-sensitivity, consent and the empowerment of women through mobilisation of men. Education is the most powerful weapon against gender-based violence and this toolbox can help you plan, organise and conduct workshops to challenge the patriarchy. Check out the toolbox here. Sign up for the He For She Campaign here.

2. Rape: In 2014, I had the pleasure of interning with an organisation called Sayfty which educates, empowers and equips women to deal with sexual violence and abuse. The founder, Dr. Shruti Kapoor is an economist and an activist who has been involved with the United Nations and has worked tirelessly with experts to come up with the survivor’s toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help survivors of rape by informing them of emergency services, police investigation, legal procedure, medical examination, dealing with shock and trauma and accessing mental health care. With rape happening once every 20 minutes, this toolkit could not have come at a better time. Check it out here.

3. LGBTQ : As awareness and recognition for the transgender community grows and people become more considerate of toxic gender stereotypes and sexual identity, a toolkit to talk about LGBTQ rights and acceptance in our community is a good way to promote inclusivity. As you can see, simple changes in your language, body language and behaviour can be incredibly supportive. Check out the toolkit by Diverse and Resilient, here.

4. Animals: Ever go crazy about the cute and heartwarming videos by animal welfare organisations? More and more people have started adopting, rescuing and fostering stray cats and dogs. What does an animal rescue mission actually need? Here is a toolkit designed by PETA to carry with you in your car so you can use it any time you come across an animal that has been abandoned, abused or injured. Check it out here.

5. Environment: Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s relentless campaigning to save the planet? Here’s something pretty standard you can do for environment conservation. Greenpeace has a toolkit to cut back on plastic waste. With laws being enacted to ban plastic, use eco-friendly containers, avoid the pitfalls of consumerism or simply reuse your existing materials, this toolkit makes it practical and achievable to reduce plastic usage. Check it out here.

[Passionate about a cause? Do you have a handy toolkit for others? Let me know!]