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Hi! If you’re in India and you’ve reached out to me for a consultation, then you’ve come to the right place!

I provide legal consultation on matters of family law, women’s issues and child welfare. I can set you up with the best advocates to represent your interests in Court, if that is what you want to do. I can also direct you to a good therapist, should you need therapy.

You may come to me for any reason: you’ve decided to separate from your partner, you’ve experienced sexual assault, you’re being forced to marry against your will; you may be a woman who is dealing with sexual harassment and wants to know how to get an injunction or you might be facing domestic violence at home and don’t know how to get a protection order; You may have a child who has been abused in some way and you’d like to ensure his/her safety.

Hiring a lawyer or booking a therapy session is a huge step. Your local Court may seem like a labyrinth and approaching a lawyer may be very daunting. Choosing to undergo therapy can be frightening. Stepping into a stranger’s office and baring your soul may seem impossible. There’s a path out there that is the right one, but how do you go about finding the right one for you?

Without information, knowledge or any guidance, you may end up traumatising yourself or even worse, ignoring your problems until they become unmanageable. By speaking to a legal consultant, you’re taking the first step to getting access to everything you need: you can find out what the law says, what your rights are and what is the legal solution to your problem. If you’re not ready for that and just need someone to talk to then you can meet someone who will help you cope, build up emotional resilience or have a positive attitude.

Whatever problem you have, remember, this is the first step to solving it. Whatever your reason is for seeking help, remember, there is an answer to your question. And however difficult it might be, remember, I’m here for you.

I can connect you to the best people: Advocates, therapists, social workers, activists, NGOs and police officers. My network is vast and my experience is considerable. So if you’ve come here looking for legal advice or mental health support, then let’s get started!

Send me an email at and I’ll put you down in my diary. I’m available for consultation in person, over the phone, through Email, via Skype and on WhatsApp.


Abha Thapliyal

Legal Consultant and Counsellor