Happy Place: An Introduction

I’ve decided I’ll be starting something known as the Happy Place series.

Young people go through myriad emotions; Happiness, sadness, peace, anger, hope, disappointment, excitement, depression, so on and so forth. We also go through strife. The difference is, we do a good job of covering it up.

The Happy Place series is aimed at uncovering how young people silently cope with their own personal trauma. Family responsibilities, peer pressure, relationships, break-ups, grades and jobs are only half of the stress they deal with. The other half, is life.

In preparation to get my license to practice law, I’m also studying to become a counsellor. It seemed like a good idea to use my training in law and psychology, to open up the communication channels with my friends and talk about some real shit.

My research for the ‘Happy Place‘ series, involved asking myself ‘Do I need to do this?‘. Then I found the answer in a newspaper headline. India has the highest rates of youth-related suicides. Shocking, isn’t it? We’re all such shiny, happy people. Just look at our social media. But as I looked around at my own friends, it dawned on me that all of us have our sad stories; we just never talk about it. The fear of not being understood is slowly killing us.

The point of this series is to illustrate how young people can go through terrible trauma and carry on in spite of everything. Yes, we can carry on. But can we move on?

So I begin by interviewing some of my closest friends as we share our grief and try to bring awareness to the issue of young people, mental health and emotional resilience. Hopefully, we’ll find a way to get through it.

Hopefully, we’ll find our happy place.

Stay tuned for more!



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