How the 10 year challenge was more of a challenge for me than most

I’m glad I’m not on any social media. I’m grateful I get to wake up each morning and think of what to get done today, rather than how many likes I got. If you’re a lawyer and you’re spending more time on social media rather than Court or a Counselling Center, then clearly you’re not happy. If you’re not participating in a hashtag, don’t worry, that just means you’ve got a life. But occasionally, you get this viral challenge, that you just can’t resist. Bear in mind I love an opportunity to show off. So this is my bit for the 10 year challenge.

Drumroll!!! 🥁

I lost 30 kilos in about 2 years. The transformation was quite drastic but it helped me understand where I had gone wrong. I suffered with Depression. I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I had a toxic relationship with food. So the last 10 years have not just been a trend for me. They’ve probably saved my life.

What has been the biggest change in your life in the last 10 years? Do let me know!


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