Does your love know

Your eyes, what have they seen?

The hint of a smile, the stirrings of a dream?

Or the creeping blush over rosy tips

Of deep valleys and shallow dips?


Your ears, what have they heard?

The sound of a gasp, the scrape of a beard?

Of thudding headboards and broken wineglass

Of murmured voices, full of such crass?


Your lips, where have they been?

Kissing dark strangers unseen

While I hid behind walls to spy

Was she truly more desirable than I?


Your hands, what have they felt?

The buttons of a blouse, the clasp of a belt?

Or perhaps they were caressing quivering flesh

While I tossed and turned like such a mess?


But your heart, that tender heart

When mine ached for you, while we were apart

I’d like to ask you, before I watch you go

How much I love you, does your love know?

2 thoughts on “Does your love know

  1. heavy– and steamy too!! Thaps

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