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I’m going to keep this short and I only need a few minutes of your time. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough you must have read somewhere that a) I’m a law student b) I’m a women and child rights advocate and c) I’m a speaker on child sexual abuse. Pursuant to my passion for child rights, I have started an online workshop on child sexual abuse; this is basically a five-part video series, all sessions of which are now available online. The workshop aims at empowering parents, teachers and young adults as well as educating them. Please watch, learn and share! Let’s get one step closer to raising awareness and putting an end to child sexual abuse.

The first part, deals with the complex definition of child sexual abuse, why it needs to be talked about openly (despite being such a taboo subject) and the current statistics in India.

The second part tackles the process of abuse  also commonly known as ‘Grooming’. This session looks at the different stages of grooming and the kind of adults who can be potential abusers

In the third part, we talk about the signs and symptoms of abuse in young children as well as teenagers. We also address the question of why children don’t feel confident enough to tell their parents when they have been molested.

In the fourth session, we’re dealing with the hardest question of all: How do you prevent abuse? Surprisingly, the simple steps in this session are much easier to introduce in your parenting technique to keep kids safe from sexual abuse. 

And in the final session, we debunk common myths associated with child sexual abuse and we urge and advise parents to have that crucial “talk” with their kids about sex, the right touch and the wrong touch. That’s all for now! 





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