Foolish thoughts



Man has many foolish thoughts
And like every other thought
Each foolish thought counts
Like the wish for fulfilment
In the sinking of sun-kissed pennies
To the bottom of romantic founts

The foolish trust in friends
Or those we inevitably think of
In agonising moments of trouble
Not knowing that, they are as
Incapable of raising hope
When all has turned to rubble

The ridiculously foolish want for love
The pining for deep feeling
And not just sensual pleasure
Not being able to accept that
Had there been love or feeling
He wouldn’t be just a lover

The desperate pleas to God
Or the diabolical interest
In the alluring world of occult
Not realising through the feverish haze
That only people are capable
Of causing terrible tumult

The foolish faith in goodness
Thinking that it indeed exists
In some hidden corners of the world
Not understanding, there is no haven
For virtue, good or right
In this Hell that has unfurled

The foolish hope that time
Or flowers or puppies
Can mend a broken heart
Not seeing, there is no adhesive
That has the power to stitch feelings
Once they have been torn apart

All foolish notions but one
Of loyalty, truth and empathy
Are notoriously well known
But I believe Man’s most foolish thought
Is his secret expectation of kindness
In return for his own





2 thoughts on “Foolish thoughts

  1. A deeply-moving collection of emotions and feelings, expressed with eloquence; a truly beautiful poem.

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