A lover’s quarry


While you’ve been living

It’s been her time to die

Her life was spent telling the truth

Yours was spent living a lie


You were surrounded by those

you could defeat in any duel

She was stuck between those

who were nothing short of cruel


You possessed all that which

would make everyone burn with envy

She clutched all those things which

would make anyone feel empty


Your gaze has inspired hope and love

Hers has conveyed reality and fact

You have been all charm and wit

She has been all virtue and tact


You have grown in that dimension

where things seem and never are

She has withered in that time-warp

where you lose something every hour


Yet you chase, you pine, you want

What was never yours to take

Let go of this interminable quest

If not for her, then for your sake


She has warned you long enough

That God doesn’t like to share

What he loves, is his forever

Even if it doesn’t sound fair


As elusive your quarry has been

Equally obsessive has been her pursuer

Your shadow has eclipsed her path

And left exit points even fewer


If reconciliation were possible

You would be one and the same

But that is as hard to imagine

As a moth living in a flame


The chase has been interesting

The affair has lasted long enough

She’s hoping you’ll take her word for it

And not by chance, call her bluff


The past can never anticipate

what the future might bring

but love can often preclude

what might have been just a fling


Stop seeking what you look for

For the consequences will be dire

Few have coped with the passion

Of this all-consuming fire


Run if you still dare to!

Run right into the pain

Then we’ll see what you call her

A blessing or a bane


That spark that drives you on

To covet what doesn’t belong to you

Will extinguish itself at the time

When disillusion intercepts your view


You’ll stop seeing the white that day

Because you will glimpse the black

That she’d rather fight with you forever

Than ever love you back


Published by: Abby

Abha is a final-year law student; She's a trainee family law advocate, a virtual speaker on sexual violence and a volunteer at the local legal aid cell. She enjoys listening to indie rock, reading romantic thrillers and eating Chinese food. She also loves her dog, but suspects her dog isn't too thrilled about that.

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