Above and Below

The Bible spoke once
Of heaven above, of hell below
The Gita sang of how
We travel between them, to and fro

But these mythical allusions
Cannot explain why
Good and evil manage to co-exist
Without even having to try

Every man has committed sin
Every man has loved at least once
Does it mean he is sent to either
Without being given a chance?

What heaven do you talk of
When God walks by my side
And the devil keeps trying
To take me for a ride

What justice do you speak of?
When you tell me I deserve it
Do those who have a good life
Never do anything to burn it?

What fairness do you preach of
When all you do is whip others with lashes
And I get in the way because it’s wrong
So you kiss me with scars and gashes

Which heavenly gates would welcome
Those who never learnt to care?
Which hell would throw them out
If they’ve cut people open and laid them bare?

What on earth, kindly tell me
Are you people doing?
Do you think that we are pawns
In the trouble that is brewing?

Stop trying to blame some God
When things start going wrong
And refusing to acknowledge the evil
That has lived in us all along

There is only you and me
And the battle going on between us
Of what is right and what is wrong
So stop crying Satan and Jesus

For all the good things that I’ve done
Enough medals I have shown
For all that I have suffered
There are plenty  of  gravestones

If you have ever wronged
Someone who shouldn’t have been
I was there vigilant and vengeful
If you thought nobody had seen

The bible got one thing right ‘we reap what we sow’
Because if you have done evil, believe me
No faith can save you today
Not the heaven that rests above
Nor the hell that thrives below