Fat boy, Fat girl


Dear fat boy,

Your trousers don’t fit

your ass is too big

People poke you for fun

and they don’t let you run


But I watch

and I know

that you’re not a freak show


Dear fat girl

Your top is too tight

and your figure isn’t right

You wear make up all the time

Smear it all over like grime


But I watch

and I know

that you’re not a freak show


Fat boy, Fat boy

They laughed at you today

and threw paper balls your way

You smiled at them and waved

When you could have huffed and raved


But I watch

And I know

That you’re not a freak show


Fat girl, fat girl

It’s alright if he says you’re huge

And he doesn’t appreciate the rouge

You thought you shouldn’t have made that confession

and your heart still hurt from the rejection


But I watch

And I know,

That you’re not a freak show


Fat boy, fat girl

You’re both amazing people

And everyone else is just feeble

They don’t like it when you stay so happy

Instead of acting depressed and sappy


They don’t know what it’s like to be fat

And have it constantly thrown into your face like splat!

And yet so bravely you smile

Cause you never let them rile


Deep down inside is a lot of pain

If you were to let yourselves cry, it would rain

With me, you don’t have to hide the tears

Coz for the underdog, I’m always near


I’m glad you read this today

Because writing this is not child’s play

You’re special people, and you know it

Even if your body doesn’t let you show it


I can see you laughing right now

Because you can rock it, and how

You’ll remember this I hope,

And not forget it in all that dope


That I know,

and you know

and everybody knows

You’re not a freak show