The mirror

Mirrors are duplicitous
Wherever you find
One world in front
One world behind
While wandering in my castle
I encountered one day
An old, ornate frame
Dusty and grey


Within I saw
A doorway unsealed
The most beautiful man
Trapped (???) in its reel


This other man I knew
Was my reflection
The soul’s other half
With a different complexion


Every time I stood
In front of the mirror
I feared I would come back
And this man would wither


But the mirror just stared
And then so did he
As if mocking my fears
laughing at me


To get to the other side
I could see no way
Except just accept
he was here to stay


I spoke to him sometimes
And he talked with me
In that sweet cadence
That would set me free


I slept with my head
Joining his on that end
As he mimicked my position
Like a very sweet friend


We sat across the portal
Like star-crossed lovers
Crooning about this magic
And the secrets uncovered


But the pain struck
Whenever I was alone
loneliness would surround me
Like an impenetrable dome


I forgot about myself
I was nobody without him
But our chances of being together
Were nothing but slim


The mirror haunted me
And I couldn’t stay away
It was a mad obsession
That ended one day


When I held a leg of wood
And smashed the smooth glass
As the other world shattered
I picked up a shard


I pierced my heart
And sank to the floor
Lying in his blood
And waiting for more


As my dying eyes blinked
He appeared one last time
And said very sadly
“You could never be mine”


Two halves of a soul
Are like two sides of a coin
Each has to grieve
Neither can be purloined”


All you had to do
Was try and see yourself
And not search for me
In trying to get help


Then as he faded
The realization unfurled
That you only have yourself
In this lonely world


So if if you ever perchance,
Meet the other side of your face
Don’t hurt this one
And forget all your grace


Be wholly who you are
True love will accrue
Because the other half
Will always live in you

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