The tallest shadow

There’s one thing that scares me

And those are tall shadows

They make everything look dark

Like walking through hallows


Nearly every sunset brings them

and they  glide alongside

and appear like looming sentinels

Or an apparition of something that died


The moon rises like a pale ghost

and a black hand chills us all

But the rising sun gives a golden touch

and the shadows trip and fall


Which of them are friend and which are foe?

It depends on what they feel

They can escort or chase, because they’re capricious

till your color turns to teal


I once asked God about them, I said

Do shadows represent true evil?

God laughed and advised, get over that now

your thoughts are positively medieval


“At dusk” he said majestically, “when the sun dies

and drowns you in a river of its blood”

“The tallest shadow stands right behind you

and your heart in realization, gives a thud”


“But that’s the devil” I burst out

Isn’t it? I said, Isn’t he stalking me to hell?

“Quiet” God said, “You’re really impatient”

“It’s that which I’m trying to quell!”


And then he explained with somewhat of a flourish

because I appeared genuinely nonplussed

And that had never happened, ever in his past

So while saying this, he created a big fuss


“In that ominous sunset, before everything goes dark

the tallest shadow rises to the east

And it cannot harm you, it loves you, you see

Because that shadow belongs to me”


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