A gift to my mother

{ This really is what I wrote for my mother on her birthday. I wrote it about 35 minutes before she came back home from shopping}

You were created from a light

A light of generous  gifts

You were born to be and fight

And to stoically anchor shifts

You did not want to come

Because the light burned you too

You were brighter than the sun

And too good to be true

A unique life from the start

And suffering which ran through

Was always shared with God

For out of Him, He created you

People were never kind

But you were kind enough

And nobody could ever find-

What was it that made you so tough?

Fortitude is your army

Wisdom is your spear

To battle all those barmy

And protect all those dear

You have conquered what you had to

It’s time to stop this fighting

But since you just can’t take a hint

I’m going to put it into writing

All the good deeds have been earthed

All the to-do has been done

Now find your list of the unearthed

Go enjoy a whole new run

Your 44th is a harbinger

Of unlimited eternal wealth

It’s at the tip of your finger

An ethereal glow of health

Find your pristine self on this day

Beautiful, serene, lovely and free

Now be with yourself in that way

As you have always been with me

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