Heart of the Fire


Some hearts are strong, and some are weak
But all of them, are doomed to weep
It may be joy, that hastens to flow
in rivulets, dreary winds or snow
It may be sorrow, yes that might be a cause,
for death and grief, defy all laws
To suffer, to writhe, and then to burn
in the flames of a fire that sing ‘now it’s your turn

Some say this languid fire
engulfs all who are brave
some say the flames lick
only those who are afraid

This fire is wanton, it is partial to none
Whispers never reach you, of when it is to come
Brilliant are these flames, that dance on the grave
of all that you struggled and fought to save

Most fear its wrath, for it razes you to the ground
But I have listened, to only one beautiful sound :

That the strongest heart, shall never fall
And when it does, it sees through all
it finds life in death, in dismay and despair
it no longer calls all of it unfair

The strongest of us, will unite with the Ire :
The Fire in our Heart

with the Heart of the Fire


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