The Resurrection stone of an Immortal

I have this beautiful ring

a Carnelian set deep in a band

Sometimes it rests on my finger

Sometimes it sits on my nightstand


In all my lives, I’ve lost too many people

To count them or to care

And now whenever I see new people

Feelings of attachment are very rare


This ring that I write about

Has some very special powers

It brings back some pale spectres

Of those who were once my lovers


They were people that I knew long ago

Some were friend, some were foe

But I’ve glimpsed them so often now

Who were what, I no longer know


Which brings me back to the ring

For when I turn it thrice around

a miracle of miracles manifests

and all these lost people are found


You would wonder I suppose,

why I  seek them  as such,

Well I would say, I’m immortal,

and I’m looking for a crutch


Because it gets lonely sometimes,

When you do not fear death

When there is no end, nor beginning

To this macabre kind of zest


I’ve seen them all come and go

I’ve seen them stay and try

I’ve seen them come back again

Before they spread their wings and fly


Whilst I am here, to remain

Twiddling that scarlet gem

Not moving for an eternity

‘Tis sad, being condemned


I could keep calling those departed

and they would come at my beckon

But they would never really love me

or ever forgive me, I reckon


Their pallid colour haunts me

their gaunt stares penetrate right through

‘Why call us again?” The ghostly voices whisper

“Why would we come back for you?”


“You sought immortality

You wanted an eternal birth

But now you’ve collided with reality

and eternity treats you with mirth”


“Let go of that wretched stone”

Bury it deep into the earth’s crest

We will no longer appear

and go to that final place of rest”


I did as they said, with penultimate joy

Ecstatic to be rid of this grind

The carnelian now lies, in a very safe place

Only if you look within, you will find


I will be long gone, dear friend, by the time you read this

The carnelian, remember, rests in your heart

If you wish to see me again, turn it around thrice

That’s all it takes

and we will never be apart

{DISCLAIMER : Inspired by the concept of the ‘Resurrection Stone’, one of the Deathly Hallows,  in the last book of the Harry Potter series. }


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