Of all the silent places I know about

Some are engraved on my soul

Maybe I’m afraid of encountering them

maybe they are buried deep in my core



They are called interstitial

They are called ‘misplaced’

I simply call them “silent places”

because they just never fade



The darkness beneath my eyelids

Not even the sunlight can penetrate

A place deep blue, red and green

Where my eyelids patiently wait



When everyone suddenly stops talking

as an exotic moment appears

and then the bursts of awkward laughter

peals of which soon after disappear



Contemplating life and death

that keeps me subdued

but if it weren’t for these quiet moments-

serenity would long be overdue!



lunching on the green grass

under a steel grey sky

imagining a horizon with no clouds

A vision that makes me cry



The frozen silence in the frigid antarctic

is presumed as another quiet place

Through those icy veins runs another form of life

An undiscovered, unseen face



These silent places call to me

ask me to think…to stop

to wonder for just a second

about the life in a rain drop



I’m sure you’ve found some too

but there is one only found by few

it’s beautiful and tender, with a sad kind of grace

When you’re gone, my still heart

will be the most silent place


Published by: Abby

Abha is a trainee lawyer and counselor; She's an advocate for women and children, a virtual speaker on sexual violence and a gender equality activist. She enjoys listening to indie rock, reading thrillers and eating Biryani. She also loves her dog, but suspects her dog isn't too thrilled about that.

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